Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Progressing my photographic development!

So we’ve been pretty hectic over the last few weeks and we will be updating the blog on all the latest goings on over the next week or so, but firstly I wanted to update everyone with the news that as part of progressing my photographic development, I spent two days information packed days in the lovely town of Thame on a wedding photography course. 

The course was located at the Spread Eagle in Thame (wonderful place if you are in that area and get the chance to visit then you will not be dissapointed!) and was presented by the fabulous David Pearce (check out his website www.openleafimages.com), and I’ve quite literally come out of the two days inspired, enthused and more importantly a better photographer.  I’m always of the opinion that if you think you know everything, then usually you don’t!  I love to be learning all the time!  It was not only seminar based but also practical as well, absolutely brilliant, and hopefully you’ll see a great improvement in my work as a result!

Here are a couple of images from the day of the lovely Fiona and David;

For more information on any of the courses available please visit;

well worth the money, Rock It Up Photography gives it 5 stars!

All the best!


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