Saturday, 8 October 2011

X Factor 2011 Show 1

Ok so the X Factor started its live shows this week, I’m kind of torn on the whole subject of this show, whilst I think it’s good Saturday night entertainment for the masses, I also think that there are ALOT of singers and bands out there that are doing it the hard way and don’t get the credit they deserve!  (ok rant over)

Onto some of the amazing make up and clothing on the show.  

Amelia Lily kicked off the show with Billie Jean, not totally convinced on the styling but the pink lipstick rocked as did her performance!

Frankie Cocozza – The A Team – quite like this cheeky little chappy, not only was his styling spot on (sod what the judges say eyeliner it up baby!), look forward to hearing more.

Rythmix – Superbass some of the transformations in this group have been great – in particular I’m not sure on names but the girl who had half her hair shaved off -hair looked fabulous!

Misha B – Rolling In The Deep – this performance was brilliant! It had everything, styling, stage show, make up and the voice.  Brace song choice as well.  I want that chair for my studio! I look forward to seeing and hearing more from that young lady! Mischa B’s union jack style nails – feature in Rimmel’s  new Brit collection.

Sophie Habibis – Teenage Dream, what a performance and transformation! Stunning!  And great version of the song, I think I prefer it to the original.  Interesting performer.

Janet Devlin – Fix You. Quirky and there is something quite loveable about this girl.

I really don’t get the act 2 shoes – not my cup of tea, or coffee!  The same goes for Johnny Robinson really.  James Michael to me doesn’t sound anything special.  Nu Vibe just seem like a right jumble sale of an act to be honest, really don’t get them! 

So thats the first show over and done with!  A few good performance but on the whole not that impressive if you ask me (not that you did but I’ll chuck in my opinion anyhow!lol!)

We’ve had a busy few days, full of weddings, fancy dress and twin babies!

We’ll upload some of the images soon!

All the best!
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